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Custom Luxury Homes.

Built with confidence, integrity and superior craftsmanship.


As an innovative new home builder, Cezanne Homes has been building custom luxury homes since 2004. We have redefined the experience of luxury home living for clients who only want and deserve the best.


Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest standard of quality homes while committed to maintaining total customer satisfaction.


Our homes can be seen throughout the GTA’s most affluent and trendy neighborhoods such as Forest Hill, North Toronto, Mississauga Road, King City, the Cricket Club, and Leaside to name a few. We have built our reputation not only on constructing fine homes but also on the lifestyle that comes with it. Cezanne Homes is more than just a name, it is the name that discerning luxury home buyers choose.


Unlike other builders, Cezanne Homes creates distinctive residences that are truly exceptional. Our quality craftsmanship along with unparalleled exquisite design are the reasons why many customers have bought Cezanne residences during or before construction has begun, adding their own personal finishes prior to closing. Our commitment and dedication to our clients are based on our philosophy where building your “dream home” is our passion. Cezanne Homes is devoted to creating environmentally friendly, structurally practical, economically sound homes without sacrificing elegance and quality.


We invite you to join us in making your future dream home a reality.

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